The board at Cypress Hills Camp is excited to announce that Ty Hunter will be the ministry’s new Executive Director starting Jan 1, 2022. We are grateful to God that He has called Ty from the family farm to Camp ministry. Ty has everything we are looking for in an Executive Director. Ty radiates Jesus and we know God will work through him to bless and transform the ministry at CHC.  Ty is passionate about discipleship and can easily connect with people of all ages – he loves kids, the elderly and everyone in between. He is a fun loving, creative, talented, and a genuine leader. He has initiative, influence, integrity, and inner character plus he has a heart and a love for Camp ministry. We look forward to seeing Jesus work through Ty as the new Executive Director at Cypress Hills Camp.


It is with tremendous excitement I may now officially announce that I will be joining the team and stepping into the Executive Director role at Cypress Hills Camp!

Camp has been an integral part of my life ever since I was a little kid. It helped shape the essence of who I am, how to connect with many generations, and encounter the love of Christ in incredible ways. Growing up as a farmer in Southwest Saskatchewan, I have observed the cycle of plants through the seeding, watering, and harvest seasons. The parallels that run in people are astounding to me. I have been blessed to have a front row seat to many seeds planted, the new birth of the work of Christ sprouting through the soil, and harvests reaped at camp. I’ve seen lives changed, and the love of God work deeply int he hearts of kids from many different backgrounds and walks of life.

Keeping at the forefront the mission to Access kids, Impact their lives, and Integrate them back into a thriving culture of faith in their hometowns, I am looking forward to the opportunity of casting vision for the camp, with intentionality of expanding to more months of the year. The facilities at Cypress Hills Camp are exceptional, and it is the belief of all involved that htey should be used to accommodate Kingdom impact over the course of the year. Together, withyour help, the Cypress community, and the Board of directors, we will join forces in providing kids a fun, engaging, and life-changing experience. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

The gospel changes lives, and I am so excited we all get to partner together on this journey.



Ty Hunter